The Visionarium

The Visionarium is a traveling art gallery. It's a 20ftx 30 ft tent space  featuring the work of Keith Prossick. It has made appearances at various burns, festivals, and community events across the country. It's purpose is to create an environment which promotes conversation, story telling, connection, and introspection.

Deities and Demon's Ball 2014, New Orleans

Deities and Demon's Ball 2014, New Orleans

Community Events

The Visionarium has been set up at various community fundraisers, art fairs, and visionary art event across Atlanta and the South East.  It creates a communal space where people can relax and gather and talk about art.  It's goal is to ultimately house the works of Atlanta visionary artists. 


The idea for the Visionarium came about at- and was ultimately designed and built for- Burning Man. It's made the journey out to the desert three times thus far and has made numerous appearances at local and regional burns. It's goal is to be known as a tranquil space where one can decompress from the hectic burn atmosphere and enjoy getting lost in art.

3:00 and Esplanade  Black Rock City, Nevada

3:00 and Esplanade

Black Rock City, Nevada

Rootwire 2017, Wisteria Ohio

Rootwire 2017, Wisteria Ohio


The Visionarium made its first music festival appearance at Rootwire Music and Arts Festival in 2017 and hopes to make more excursions out to more transformational art festivals in the future.